Heating Up!

If I wasn’t waiting for Liz to finish her business over Memorial Day, we would have been out of here weeks ago. I turned on the AC for the first time on Monday when the temperature was forecast for 97 degrees and it went to over 100. Today again it’s forecast for 97, better than yesterday’s 104. Until Monday I managed to get by with just the ‘fantastic fan’ and two oscillating fans. Now the electric meter is spinning, spinning, spinning!

Recently Liz became ill with a gastrointestinal problem that she is having tests for today. She babysat her two small grandchildren over the weekend and had a difficult time with them, as they are both ‘special needs’ children. My feeling is that her physical upset was brought on by the stress of caring for these boys, and her feelings associated with it, namely anger and resentment that her daughter was off having a ‘family outing’ with her daughter and a friend, spending money that they owe Liz. She just couldn’t ‘stomach’ any more.

Liz is scheduled to fly to Indiana with her teen granddaughter next week, and spend a week there. When she returns her daughter is supposed to have surgery for a hysterectomy that hasn’t been scheduled yet. She wants to be available for her daughter’s initial recovery, but she is concerned that that will interfere with her plans to travel with me to Oregon. So it’s still possible that she will opt out at the last minute.

It will definitely be a financial hardship for me to travel alone this summer; however, I will manage…When I get back in October I will put all the rest of my ‘stuff’ on eBay or Craig’s List to add to the coffers, and sell my storage shed. Then I will definitely be ready to ‘travel light’. And I will look for part-time or short-term employment to supplement my income and hopefully save for a solar display on the rig.

Next month, which is coming up fast, I will need to purchase new house batteries and have the technician back to finish ‘the list’ we started in March. This year the maintenance for the rig and the truck are taking a financial toll. I had to replace the starter in the truck earlier this month. Oh, boy!

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