The Other Shoe

…was about to drop when a little good news came last week. Liz’ daughter had been anticipating surgery for over six weeks, and the doctor wanted her to have her surgery on June 12. “Daughter’s” insurance folks said ‘no’, you have to wait to June 18, and Liz felt that would mean she would not be able to leave with me; perhaps she could meet up with me later. Well, the surgery ‘magically’ got moved to yesterday, the 16th. With some regrouping, Liz and I agreed to leave on June 26, which will put us into John Day a day later than planned.

The surgery was successful, and “Daughter” is expected to leave the hospital tomorrow if all goes well. Liz will assist her for the next few days, and make her own preparations to move her things into the trailer.

In the meantime I am busy trying to move some things along that have been in storage for the last few years since I sold my condo. I have postings on Craigslist, and have made arrangements for some folks in the park to take a few things to a local charity. I’ve also contacted my family about ‘family heirlooms’ that I just can’t keep ‘just in case’ I later move into another apartment, condo, house, whatever. So today I’m wrapping fragile things in bubble wrap to send out.

I also had the RV technician out to service my air conditioner (since I’m still in the southern Arizona heat -108 yesterday), install two new batteries, a support arm for my awning, and change out some lighting to fluorescents to save power. I haven’t quite committed to a solar panel…yet. Yesterday I decided to run the AC in the truck – I haven’t been running it when toodling through town, so it had been a long time since it had been on. I took it to the garage where they ‘just happened’ to have a free AC check. I didn’t get away free, but I did get some freon and a new part that keeps it from leaking out – for less than $100 – AMAZING!!!

Maybe the extra days before we leave is giving me more space to complete some things I need to do…

My wi-fi service will end when I leave, so I hope to get another post done before we hitch up.


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