The First Post – From Northern Utah

This evening is the first opportunity I’ve had to make a post. We made it to Ogden, UT this afternoon, and found ourselves ‘in heaven’ – a pull-through space, showers, wi-fi, beautiful trees, cool breezes, and cold beer after a very full day of driving from southern Utah, near Zion National Park.

We got away from the park in Tucson about 10:30 a.m., a little later than I had planned. But we got everything done that needed doing before we could pull out. We took a route out of Tucson through the city streets that wove from the eastern side to Interstate 10 on the western side; it took about an hour. Heading north we drove through Phoenix and into the cooler part of Arizona, toward Flagstaff.

We stopped at the Cliff House Indian Casino to park for the night, not wishing to spend $35 for the RV park across the highway. The RV park is part of the Indian Casino. Visitors to the casino can park on the lower level parking lot and spend the night ‘boondocking’. We decided to do that, and we inquired about getting a shuttle ride to the casino to get some refreshment, and make sure that we could overnight in their parking lot. No problem.

After about two beers and $100 each we later returned to the trailer, wondering why we didn’t opt to spend that $35 afterall!!! We spent the rest of the evening sitting in the shade of the trailer and a nearby tree, on the tarmac, eating ham salad sandwiches and resting. Bedtime came about 10:00 p.m. The first night was a little restless for me, but Liz slept fine. It was still quite hot, and without any ventilation except for the open windows, it took quite a time for the trailer to cool down.

The next morning, we ate hard-boiled eggs and bananas and watched the sun rise over the area. Then we packed up. We had noticed while eating our breakfast that there was a cop parked across the road from the parking lot. He left when we left; he must have been watching us – and watching out for us. We said grateful prayers, and headed north toward Flagstaff and Page, AZ.


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