Into Utah

The beginning of Day Three arrived very early in the morning with Liz shivering from the drop in temperature through the night. We’d forgotten about the cool nights – she was trying to keep warm with a little fleece blanket and her lightweight robe. I found a big, warm blanket for her and then went back to bed for a little while. Later, after warming up a bit we got dressed and went for breakfast – a nice buffet. We especially liked the sausage gravy over biscuits. Liz had a hypoglycemic attack as she hadn’t eaten anything for dinner the night before, so she wasn’t feeling well at first. After getting something in her stomach she recovered and felt much better.

After breakfast we disconnected the water and electric and headed out for our trip up I-15. But before we could get there we had to take a little trip west on a secondary road, which turned out to be rugged and slow climbing, and beautiful. Finally on the Interstate we began traveling a little faster.

While the Interstate is faster, it is also a little boring regarding the scenery. I found myself sort of zoning out every once in awhile. Liz took a mini-nap. We had an agreement that I would stop about every two hours so she could smoke a cigarette. As the two hours coincided with the need for a fill-up, that worked well.

Through Utah there are many Flying-J truck stops, and as I had a Flying-J card I stopped there to make my gas purchases. This day we also ate a nice lunch at one of their bigger centers – a lunch buffet this time (two buffets in one day – oh, my!!!).

As the miles passed by and the day wore on, we began to look for a place to stay for the night. There was some construction near where we needed to transition from I-15 to I-84, in Ogden, UT. Following the signs we thought would take us to I-84 we took an exit that actually put us on RT 89, which parallels the Interstate. Again, it was time for another fill-up and when I stopped I asked the cashier how to get onto I-84, and whether he knew if there was an RV park nearby. He said we could pick up the Interstate about four miles down the road, and he thought there was an RV park in the next little town.

We managed to get onto the Interstate, and shortly afterward we saw a big RV Park sign looming next to the road. We took the next exit ramp and made our way to the park, which was just down the street. It actually backed up to the Interstate. It was a beautiful park with big old trees, grass, and flowers. They said they had space available – a pull-through – and that was fine for us. In the evening we watched the DVD of the movie “Chocolat!” on the computer. I love that movie! And it brought me some much-needed relaxation.

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