The Dust is Settling, I Think

Last week I made arrangements with the local body shop to have the repairs made to the truck – new driver’s side mirror, tow mirror, and repair of the ‘ding’ made by the mirror flying off. Mr. Jolly Rancher came through for me, and authorized the body shop to send him the bill. I am very grateful for his honesty and willingness to ‘do the right thing’. The paint job looks great! And the body shop was so helpful – they even agreed to repair and paint another ‘ding’ located near the one they were already repairing, and not charge extra for it! More gratitude!

On Friday I called the trailer repair folks and they towed the trailer to Mt. Vernon, about eight miles west of John Day to check it out. Today I picked it up and towed it back and parked it – all by myself – in the Forest Service parking lot. They packed the wheel bearings and did a full check – and found nothing wrong with it! I dunno – it looked kinda bad, with those tires tucked ever-so-slightly under – I’d call that an under-tow!!! Anyway, if it happens again I think I know what to do now. I was told that the wheel bearings were okay, but getting ready for service anyway. So, another $432 for that service – and everything is fine. I hope I’m at the end of breakdowns, flat tires, etc!

On my way to Mt. Vernon I stopped at the Clyde Holliday State Park to see what it is like. I’d thought about parking the rig there while I was here when I first signed up for the PIT program. I spoke with the park hosts who were very friendly and who gave me a lot of information about getting on as a state park volunteer and getting my parking space free. We also exchanged some war stories about our respective trips up here – theirs was much more expensive…

While I was picking up the trailer Liz called from Tucson to say that the judge would notify her in four months about the outcome of today’s hearing. Boo – ooo. When I spoke with her last night she mentioned that a previous blog from before we left Tucson had upset some of her family. I try not to be too personal here as any issues that might arise between us as we travel we try to take care of and there is no reason to discuss them here. I do want to say, however, that over time there may be other things that might upset any of my readers. If it is something that you feel I should be aware of, please email me separately, but not as a comment on the blog. I’ll be happy to speak with you about it. Also, this is my blog, for my expression of what is happening in my life, whether it includes others or not. And I will definitely have feelings and opinions about things that I may want to communicate here. As you can see already, I try to keep things anonymous, but those who ‘know’ who they are might feel a little uncomfortable reading about something that everyone else is reading – well, they DON’T know who YOU are! And finally, sometimes the truth just plain hurts, and that is an invitation to look at reality.

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