Happy New Year!

At our ‘social hour’ yesterday one of our elder members who I think is about 86 was excitedly mentioning that it was 2009 already, and who would have thought they’d live to see it! Yes, when I was younger I thought, ‘wow, I’ll be 56 in 2000’, very old. And now it is nine years later – and I’m not old at all!!! Interesting how age becomes relative…

So, for the new year, which I actually celebrate on the Winter Solstice, what might be in store for me? And for those I love? And for those I will meet as I journey? This past year has meant a change in location for me and a change in perception about myself, and a change in my thinking about others. Lots of growth. I can only know that each day I am here, I am grateful. Last year I declared 2008 a year of joy for myself, and I wasn’t disappointed. For 2009 I declare a year of peace, abundance, and safe travels, in whatever form they appear.

While I have felt that the community of RVing singles does feel like home, I have also noticed that while they travel in groups, and connect up, I’m not a ‘follower’ in that regard. I don’t generally follow the pack. I go where I feel I am ‘drawn’ – to whatever attracts me. If it’s away from where everyone else is, so be it. And that might mean being separated from a new friend for awhile. The RVing life is very different…one must be flexible.

So, to my loved ones, my friends, and those I am to meet this year I offer the following blessing.

“Holy Ones, Messengers of Love,
I am parted from my loved ones and friends;
Take my love and blessing to them wherever they are at this moment.
May they feel the warmth of my presence as I bring
Them into the circle of my heart at this time.
May you walk in the presence of the Holy Ones in every place,
May the Friend of Souls be ever at your side,
And my you be blessed and protected wherever you go!”

(From Celtic Devotional Daily Prayers and Blessings, Caitlin Matthews)

The photo that accompanies this entry is by Leslie Allyn (used with permission) and depicts the feeling of a new year for me at this time…

Happy New Year!


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