Santa Rosa Meanderings

Santa Rosa Lake was created by damming the Pecos River. The dam, built by the Corps of Engineers, is an earth dam, and on June 23 the dam will be opened to let water through for irrigation in the area. The lake is known for good fishing. This weekend is a children’s fishing tournament. Unfortunately, it began raining last night and today (Saturday) the rain continues. I’m very grateful for the rain as it washes the dust off the trailer, and brings cooler temperatures. But I imagine that the kids and their parents aren’t too happy about the washout.

This week brought some other full-time single RVers to the park. I knew that a group was ‘touring’ the state parks this summer, just as I had planned. I know some of the folks in the group and had a copy of their itinerary. It has been nice to connect with others for a little socializing. So far I’ve been out to dinner twice and I visited the Route 66 Car Museum. Santa Rosa is on the original route of “The Mother Road”.

The Car Museum houses about 30 classic cars and trucks. Some are for sale, and they are spectacular. Anyone who was a teen in the 50s and 60s will love the nostalgia. For a fun overview of the Historic Route 66 go to


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