I wanted to share a couple of things from several weeks ago that I hadn’t been able to mention because I didn’t have access to do it in a timely manner.

First is this wonderful double rainbow that showed up the last night I was at Santa Rosa State Park. It was so exciting to view this natural wonder. This is my first attempt to make a panorama using software I’ve never used before!!! And photos just don’t capture the real thing very well!

This green vehicle is a “URAL” (‘YPAN’ in Russian letters), a Russian-made side car cycle (it doesn’t come apart – made to be only a side car vehicle) that was parked in the Chama Visitor Center parking lot one day when I was there to go online. John, the owner, and his wife Susan were on their way to their summer place in Pagosa Springs, CO. He insisted that I have my photo taken on it!

Also, I had the pleasure of seeing an old friend from when I lived in Denver. It had been six years since we last saw each other, but I had written her that I’d be close to Colorado this summer, and maybe we could get together. She had moved to Alamosa, CO, so she came for a visit to Santa Rosa over the July 4 weekend.

And she also came for an overnight during the Roadrunner campout at Heron Lake. It’s an interesting feeling having a ‘groupie’ friend!!!


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