More Leftovers

I wanted to share the photo I took of the Shiprock formation, for which Shiprock, NM is named. It is a striking landmark that can be seen before one arrives in the town, coming from the east. I was advised that if I hadn’t seen it before, I should go there. The town isn’t much to look at, so I wouldn’t take that route toward Gallup again, but seeing the formation was worth it.

I’m now at Bluewater Lake at a very nice camp site. I was helped to a non-reservation, ‘first-come/first-serve site with electricity by the park staff. I can stay here for three weeks – that puts me through the Labor Day weekend. While I’m here, I’ll be exploring the area around the closest town, Grants, NM. I plan to go into town tomorrow to do some shopping and make some inquiries. I’m pleased that while there is no cellular phone service out here, my air card works great!!!

Yesterday was a resting day – when I hitch up and unhitch twice in the same day I’m pretty exhausted. I found myself taking not one, but two naps! In the morning, though, I picked up the site – debris left by previous campers. It’s amazing what people will just leave on the ground, when it’s just as easy to put it in a bag and throw it away…In the process, though, I was blessed with a bluebird feather – I found it in the fire ring. Good thing I looked in there! There is a pair of Western Bluebirds that frequent the trees around me. What a joy!

Another joy has been making acquaintance of a couple from Florida, who was camping next door to me in Gallup. We visited several times, and the night before I left Gallup they’d invited me for dinner with them. They ‘followed’ me to Bluewater Lake and so we’ve been visiting here too. I had dinner with them again last night. Nice folks. They are continuing their journey today, heading for Roswell, NM. It’s fun to meet folks, however briefly – it makes for a nice highlight to the day.

About that coat. Here it is…It’s made from a “Three Corn Maidens” blanket.

Stay tuned…

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