Heading Out Again

It’s been a quiet four weeks at Bluewater Lake…

Well, except for the heavy earth moving equipment with their backup beeps at 7:30 a.m. too many mornings…including Sundays. They’ve been preparing a site for the camp hosts – I guess for next year, because rumor has it that the park is closing to new campers on Tuesday.

The weather here has been perfect. Warm in the daytime and cool at night, requiring a sweater or light jacket. And it has rained or threatened rain almost every day. Not at all bothersome. In terms of relaxability, my favorite park so far.

The birds have been a joy to watch – bluebirds, nut hatches, sparrows, hummers, Brewer’s blackbirds, ravens, woodpeckers, and titmouses. My reward for picking the trash out of the fire ring when I first got here was a bluebird feather. And when I moved to another site after dumping, and picked up that trash from that site, I found a blackbird feather.

I don’t know why I’m always amazed at how trashy humans can be, and are! They leave all kinds of debris in the sites. If they brought it, why can’t they dispose of it in the trash? Anyway, I try to leave my site better than when I found it, and with others’ habits, that’s always easy to do.

There has been a camp dog in the area – a stray – that, if I wanted a pet, I would adopt. She has four beautiful puppies, and she is very well-mannered. I haven’t heard her bark once. She has been trained by someone in the past as she understands commands, and she lets you pet her. Very polite dog. I have tried not to feed her, but I did give her something twice…others feed her too. That’s how she survives. The park staff are aware of her, and may know where she lives. I’ve never heard.

In the last week I’ve had the pleasure of the company of a couple of men who are also LoWs. We’ve had some adventures together – with one who needed to repair his rig, and another who needed a ride to town for some errands. Good conversation, good food too. They will be here another few days. They helped to break up the times of solitude, which I needed, but which also became too much some days.

I’m moving on tomorrow, heading to a little intersection known as Pie Town, about 100 miles from here. Their claim to fame is their pies. There is a free parking area for RVs, with no hookups. So I’ll be on the battery for the evening. Then I’ll head down I-25 and make a couple of stops along the way, finally parking in Deming for the Fall and holiday season later in the week.

It’s hard to believe that I’ve been gone for four months, and that the summer is almost over. Don’t know yet what I’ll do next summer, but I’ve loved the weather in the New Mexico mountains!

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