Rapid City – "Home Sweet Home" – Part Two

(Note:  I’ve change to the updated editor for this blog so the visual result may be different from previous posts.)

Prairie Edge is an exquisite place to find and appreciate Native American art. I spoke briefly with the manager of this store about what I feel is sacred about some of the offerings.  He basically said that it is art, mostly for display in private homes and other places.  And the artists are glad to provide their creations to the public.  It is art, and it is for sale…

One of the things that was not for sale, however, was the unique chandelier that hung over the counter.  The bottom of the chandelier is made of leather, with paintings of horses, I suspect depicting the Four Directions. 

It was hard to get a good angle to photograph it, but I think I did okay.  I asked ahead if it was all right to photograph the art that is available for purchase, and was given permission to do so.  

So here is a collection of photos of some of the handsome ‘regalia’.  In another section of the store there was a display of Pendleton blankets, and also a display of start quilts.  These quilts are a traditional gift of honor.  I happened to be in the store the week before a big powwow, so craft items were on sale.  I went into the bead section and ended up buying quite a few seed bead hanks at 20% off.  Nice!!!

After making my purchase of beads I went down the street to find a place to get a late lunch.  I had stopped in the Celtic shop earlier and spoken with the owner who recommended the “Highlander Grog” at Alternative Fuel, a coffee shop nearby.  It was a short walk, and as I entered and began to peruse the goodies available, someone recommended the chicken pot pie, but they had run out…Oh, no!  A new batch had just come out of the oven!  Yay!  It was tasty, and so was that Highlander Grog.  So glad I went!

Having been filled with tummy-warming food, I continued my walk around the block, and was surprised to find a Tandy leather store tucked into the storefronts.  I had been wanting to find some scrap suede leather for my beadwork, and I was delighted that they had a small selection, enough for my current needs.

Before I left Deming I had wanted to cut my hair, but the day I planned to do it it was raining, so I said ‘never mind.’  As I continued my walk, I discovered a beauty school.  I went inside and a little while later had a hair cut at a reasonable price, and an appointment for a ‘mean pedicure’!

I was heading into the home stretch, getting closer to the hotel when I spied a pet store named Paws, with paw prints across the front door.  In the storefront were three parrots and a cockatiel (I think).  As I approached to take a photo of the two parrots together, the one that was facing out turned around so I only saw both of their backs.  Eventually, though I manage to get a better picture of all four birds.  Then I went inside.

The owner of the shop is named Barbara.  We had quite a chat about her dogs that kept her company in the store.  One was a large retriever-type dog named Bella that had been neglected by being locked in a cage for many hours at a time by her disabled owner. She was very shy, but she did allow me to pet her.  The other was a small shaggy affair name Lola.  She was very gregarious and appeared to be the welcoming committee.  The shop carries specially-made goodies for pets, and they were freely displayed at the main counter.

After a brief chat I left (no, I didn’t buy any goodies there!) and headed back to the hotel. I decided to forego a regular dinner as I’d eaten lunch late.  I still had some tuna and crackers I’d carried on the bus, and that was plenty for the evening.

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