Welcome "Followers"!!!

I was delighted to see the new blog gadget on my dashboard, and so surprised to find that someone is ‘following’ me!  Welcome!  I have wondered recently if anyone is reading what I’m putting out there, aside from the few friends I know who do follow me.  I do love sharing my adventures, especially for those who are interested in life on the road in an RV.  I know there are other blogs about RV traveling, so I’m encouraged to know that someone is reading my posts.

The intent of this blog is to relate stories about my travels and daily life, as well as some philosophical aspects about what I think is important in life.  I hope to communicate something about traveling not only physically on the road, but also about traveling into the mind, the psyche, and spirit.  Changing lead into gold on many levels is my personal goal, and if I give anyone ideas about how they can do the same for themselves, I am glad. 

I’ve added the “Follow” gadget to the site, so if you’d like to keep coming back, please join me!

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