Halloween Retro

Just had to follow up last week’s Roadrunner LoW campout with this…

I had a great time at the costume party – no one knew who I was.  I just can’t imagine THAT!

 While there I had my fortune read by Madame Zoloft.  She told me that if I wanted to be conscious I had to stop drinking!  Now, what’s that about, huh?

I managed to collect a few ‘prizes’ of goodies from the cake walk and Duck Pond.   So on my way home I played Trick or Treat and delivered them to unsuspecting friends.  What fun to knock at my friends’ doors and see their surprised faces!!!  And they thought they were going to miss it all.  Ha ha, the joke was on them!

I love this song – somehow I feel it could be about me…could it be the ruby lips?

Belated Happy Halloween!!!

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