In Honor of Feet

The other day I looked at a book that had some thought-provoking exercises in it about honoring one’s body.  One of them was to spend some time thanking your feet for the job they’ve done over the years.  So today I am grateful for where my feet have taken me.

First of all, down the sidewalk and across the street, bare-footed, with bright red polish, from the beauty school to the hotel lobby in Rapid City, SD.  Then…

The ropes course in Virginia.
Through many aisles of groceries in many stores in many places.
Through the streets of London for three months.
To the school bus stops and back home when I was a child.
Playing with my children in the grass, with our shoes off.
Walking to class everyday for four years across the Virginia Tech campus.
Through a snow storm in Denver, and mountains of snow after a blizzard.
To the downtown mall in Denver and other points of interest.
To the city bus stops to catch the buses to work and back.
Into the woods to play “Fort” with my childhood friends.
Hiking in the Blue Ridge mountains.
Up and down the stairs to care for my children.
Helping me balance when stooping to garden.
Through many airport terminals.
Dancing to the music…
Meandering along the creek.
A river walk in Grimbergen, Belgium.
Along the Seine River and the Atlantic shore of Ostende.
Standing in lines for movie or theater tickets, or hot-dogs at a fair.
Walking past the Beta Bridge everyday for two years.
Jumping waves at the ocean.
Digging my toes into the sand, and into a muddy lake.
Healing from playing kickball barefooted on the tarmac.
Putting up with shoes for the fashions, not for the foot.
And more…

Being the foundation of movement in my life.

Thank you, Feet!

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