Just as I have been making adjustments to this blog regarding its appearance and functions, I find that I’m also making adjustments in other ways.

The trailer interior appears to be in shambles because I’m once again reassessing what I really need to carry with me as I travel.  I’ve recently committed to a solar system for the trailer that will add a bit of weight.  To accommodate that change I’m now looking very hard at what I can remove from inside.

When I first moved into this home five years ago I brought with me some very treasured items that I “just couldn’t live without”.  Now, I find that while they are still very treasured, I haven’t used them much  and, when added together,  they weigh quite a bit.  So now I’m packing them up to go into the small storage place I have at the Ranch.

It’s an interesting process.  I’ve also been doing some “inner” assessing of things no longer needed as I take this earthly and spiritual  journey.  As it’s been said, the outer reflects the inner.  I wonder if that means I’m being “hard-wired” for solar in my Being – to use Solar power for my energy!

I recently had an analysis done of a new kind of chart, similar to astrology but much more complex.  And, without going into a lot of detail here, I learned that my body ‘motor’, so to speak, is the SOLAR plexus!  There are no coincidences.

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