Special thanks to all the folks I met this summer who made my travels fun.  And to all the friends I’ve had the good fortune to be with this year, thank you for your support, encouragement, and laughter.  Thanks to the members of my ‘family’ on facebook for letting me have glimpses into your lives.  A message of appreciation to my kin for your kind thoughts.  For all my friends in other places, who I do not see, but spend time with through the miracle of the Internet, thank you for keeping in touch!  To the strangers I have met and have yet to meet, who might even become a friend, thank you.

I am thankful that I could use my creativity to paint and make jewelry, with hands that sometimes don’t want to work as they used to.  “Hands”… that’s another post coming soon!

I offer my gratitude to All That Is for the events of this past year, for my health and well-being, and protection; for the sunshine, rain, flowers, the blessings of plants and animals, rocks and trees, and wind.  I am grateful for my life.

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