Lovely Lights

This evening I had the opportunity to experience the holiday luminarias at Rock Hound State Park about 10 miles east of Deming.  The visitor center there is very appealing in its southwest adobe design.  Tonight was an open house where one could enjoy the lights, some warm beverages, homemade cookies, and live Christmas music.  I road to the event with others from Low-Hi RV Ranch.

Upon first arriving, just as it was getting dark, we discovered a labyrinth, lined with luminarias, and I just had to walk it.  It was lovely to experience the path of a traditional labyrinth lighted with the simple materials used.

Actually, from Wikipedia, “A luminaria or farolito is a light or little lantern, usually a candle inside a paper lamp shade, which is of significance among New World Hispanics at Christmas time.

“The hope among Christian believers is that the lights will guide the spirit of the Christ child to one’s home. In recent times they are seen more as a secular decoration, akin to holiday lights, and have gained popularity in other parts of the country.

“Farolitos are made from brown paper bags weighted down with sand and illuminated from within by a lit candle and traditionally displayed on Christmas Eve. These are typically arranged in rows to create large and elaborate displays.

”Often times Farolitos are mistakenly called Luminarias. A luminaria is a Bonfire. For some reason the translation of Farolito and Luminaria has become the same, but the true meaning of a luminaria is Bonfire.

Whatever they are called and however they are used, they offer a lovely glow to the nighttime landscape in a season when folks look to receive the light, or Light, in the time of winter and darkness.

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