The Week’s Digest

1.)  Ho, Ho, Ho!!!  I think I’m in love!  I found this fellow in Tucson while visiting a friend.  He had such a delightful way about him.  AND he plays the banjo!

2)  Went to the doctor last week – got a flu shot, a pneumonia shot, new BP prescriptions, and orders for x-rays, and blood work.  Looks like a makeover in the works for me!

3)  Lost my cell phone in Tucson.

4)  Tucson is MUCH warmer than Deming, and I may have to find a way to go there for the winter next year.  It’s a little late for 2009.

5)  Painted a guest rock for the friend I was visiting.  She’s making a collection of rocks from everyone who stays overnight, to eventually put outside.  It’s an interesting kind of “guest list”.

I painted the flower.

6)  Celebrated the Solstice with holiday music, drumming and bubbly.  Here comes the Sun!  And the beginning of another new adventure.  Happy New Year!

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