I Promised

…myself to come here daily.  So although it’s fairly late for me to be writing a piece, here I am, at the page.

A good day.  Still too darn cold, though.  Spent time with another LoW doing some bead work, and then a casual dinner, and cards.  Learned how to play cribbage – well…almost!  A nice way to spend time on a winter’s day.

No major projects, but put a few more beads on a spiral rope necklace that needs about another three inches to be the right length – about two hours of work there.  Wrote a little in my journal – it’s been a week since the last entry.  Some things just don’t get broadcast on the blog, you know.

The group that was having a retreat in the park left today – the two rigs next to me left in the morning.  And two new rigs showed up this afternoon.  This has been a regular happening for the last couple of months.  One-nighters almost every day in the spot next to me, although most of the time there are many other spots available..  I’ve asked several times if they could find other places sometimes for these late arrivals, to no avail.  One of the folks here suggested that the office might be trying to tell me something.  Yes, I think they are telling me they don’t give a hoot.  Enough said.

On to tomorrow…


2 thoughts on “I Promised”

  1. Hi Sue
    One of the things I like about my spot is that I have just one ………….. that stays all the time I will hate to see him go!

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