Subtle Changes

Since losing my phone in Tucson last month I have been ‘waiting’ for the resolution of my predicament to show up.  Twists and turns in making the right decision for me, and emotional ups and downs have accompanied this period.

Today I decided, finally to sever any connection with the previous arrangement with my mobile phone provider, and go in a new direction.  While I have kept my account with the provider, I have changed plans and purchased a new phone.

It’s an evolutionary thing.  The original account was not in my name, with only one line, one phone.  Then another line was added for me, and I got a phone too.  Then the original account ‘owner’ died, so I rearranged the account to drop that line, and put the account in my name only, one line, with two identical phones – one for use, and one for backup.

This plan worked fine for almost three years.  Then…oops!  I lost the phone I was using.  So I tried to use the backup phone, with the original SIM card in it.  I was advised that I couldn’t use the SIM card, so I ordered a new one.  Then I found out that the backup phone was not working well – I remembered that I’d dropped it, so the speaker was busted.  Others could hear me, but I couldn’t hear others well.

See where this is going?  It’s a process of letting go of the old, and beginning a new thing.  I expect to receive my new phone later this week, and have already arranged for the new plan, effective when the January cycle began a few days ago.

Although I had to buy a new phone outright, over time my costs will be lower than they have been each month.  So it’s a good thing.  Funny how the process works.  I’m sure many, if not most, people don’t pay attention to a process like this.  But I find it kind of fascinating.  I’m always watching to see what the Universe is up to in my life!

2 thoughts on “Subtle Changes”

  1. The cell phone thing, how it has evolved from a land line with a monthly charge and extra charges for long distance, that only the subscriber paid for, to a wireless gadget that both the caller and the answerer paid for, has been unacceptable for me.

    Then there were the calling cards….I had an SKP phone card which worked fine until that was no longer available…..

    For awhile I used the VOIP, Skype…. Voice Over Internet Protocol…. Found out with the Wi-Fi….when it is slow as it usually is, the person or persons I call hear my voice in a d e l a y e d fashion…. So I quit that!

    A year ago, a friend told me about TracFone…a prepaid cell. My Mom begged me to get a phone…. So…. I got a TracFone. Although I did not give my number to anyone, other than Mom, it rang and rang and rang… The only person on the other end was always a salesperson using my time on my fone!!!

    As a result….NO ONE has my fone number…. I use it to call Mom &/or anyone else I want to call, with their permission only…. After a year and a half, I am satisfied with my choice. It costs me less than $10/month and my Mom is happy. Everyone else I can reach via email!

    So, SU…. you might want to consider this possibility???

  2. E2, TracFone works great. Put your number on the do not call list to stop the junk calls.
    Su, Good luck with the new phone!

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