What I Did On My Brain’s Vacation

I was asked earlier this evening what I did today.  I couldn’t remember!  The brain must have dribbled out of my ear!

Later, as I was in the ozone, I remembered what I did today.  Next week is my daughter’s birthday.  I have a gift to mail to her (I made it myself), and I wanted to send a card along.

So I went through my photographs and found something I liked; printed it on card stock.  I cut out the main feature of the photo and pasted it onto more card stock, folded into a medium size card.

Then I went online to get the lyrics of a song that matched the image.  I knew I had some specialty paper to print it on, but the brain couldn’t access the location right away.  I searched through a lot of paper I had in storage before I finally remembered where I put that specialty paper.

I printed the lyrics onto the special paper and glued it inside the card.  I put very fine sparkles on the front of the card…and on the dinette, and on the floor, and on just about everything nearby.

I would guess it took most of the morning from start to finish for that card.  Yes, it might have been easier to just get in the truck and drive to the store to get a card.  But I had immense pleasure creating something with special meaning for my daughter.

Remember me mentioning that ‘creativity’ seems to be a theme these days?

I also did my exercises and went for a walk.

I made a great creative supper, too.

Now I need to put everything away.  If only I can remember the next time where I put it!

Note:  This photo was taken in Tubac, AZ – doll made by Gretchen Lima.  I was given permission by the gallery to photograph her work.

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