Timing is Everything!

When the New Mexico Health Department ran out of regular flu shots this fall, I was bummed out, but I learned of a way to get a flu shot – go to the doctor!  And that is what started all the assessments, x-rays, physical therapy, and blood work.

Yesterday I learned that the local health department had the swine flu shots for us older folks.  As I had other errands to run today, I stopped there to get my shot.  Well, the doors were locked – staff was furloughed today by order of the governor.  And Monday is a holiday.  If I am to get a swine flu shot it will be next week.  Now I’m debating whether it is something I really need.  It’s been blocked from me so far – perhaps I’m not supposed to get it.

So I mosey over to Walmart to pick up a couple of prescriptions.  Guess what?  The pharmacist is at lunch for 15-20 more minutes.  At least I was the first in line.  Thank goodness, because within a couple of minutes there were easily 12 others in line behind me.

See what I mean about timing?  It makes me wonder if I am ‘listening’, using my intuition to access the things I need.  Yet, it’s so true that I have no control over anything, really. Really.

Tonight is a solar eclipse – a new moon, in the sign Capricorn (both the sun and moon are in the same sign.) Mercury went direct today, but there will be some lagging until it gets back to where it was when it first went ‘retrograde’.  I pay attention to these things, especially as they apply to my astrology chart.  LOTS going on there.  This a year – of something – for me!  As the planets in the sky move around, they are hitting a lot of places in my chart, with energies that I’m not sure how they will manifest.  Timing. The planets’ movements affect us all.  I wonder what is going to show up, in time.

Lonely rivers sigh. “Wait for me, wait for me Unchained Melody, by Alex North and Hy Zaret

You could not step twice into the same river; for other waters are ever flowing on to you.”  Heraclitus

13 thoughts on “Timing is Everything!”

  1. This is a date of several cosmic changes that may or may not announce something auspicious in your life…. Both Mars and Saturn are retrograde… Mars has been on your ascendant….. what physical change have you noticed? Possibly heart palpitations? As it moves back into your 12th, especially when it conjuncts Pluto…. (pay attention at the 4th 5th of Feb)….

    In my experience, there is almost always something going on in anyones chart. I used to do what you are doing and found myself looking for something signifcant in my experiences to coincide with planet movement relative to both my natal and progressed chart.

    I realized that que serra serra….. Just a general awareness will sufice. What you have noted above is a good example of a general observation that may or may not be significant for you personally…..whether or not you really reach in to study the happening and reach for conceptual possibilities…..

    My suggestion….. just flow with it…. do not attempt to build it into something auspicious….. I know that I spent a lot of time building on possibilities and then waiting for something to happen only to become disappointed and thinking I must be a lousey astrologer! Later on, in retrospect…. an ah ha moment might reveal clearly what may have been some kind of turning point…..

    Unchained Melody…. touches me deeply…. one of my top fave’s that I love to play over and over, making improvements that feel even better almost everytime I play and hear it…..There are often many tears rolling down my face…..

    Now back to my email box….. Hugs, E2

    1. Thanks, E2! Since I don’t do interpretations very well, I try not to put a lot of focus on these astrological happenings for myself. But as you say, I AM aware that there are some specific connections taking place – I try not to make them ‘meaningful’ – I just observe. I used that particular photo as a symbol of going with the flow – of time.

      No, no heart palpitations. I have been doing my exercises and in only two days, my back is a bit happier!

      Yes, Unchained Melody has also been a favorite of mine since I was a teen. It touches the heart.

  2. Well, you know how knit pickey we Virgo’s are…. it was/is difficult sometimes for me to avoid getting as much data as I can to attempt to construct some kind of harmonious pattern….. That is what we Virgo’s do best….. take a lot of data and make patterns!

    After I began playing music, it occurred to me that probably the reason both languages are so attractive to me is that they both basically do the same thing with data! That was an Ah Ha moment!

    I am glad that you have a bit of that lovely Gemini energy oozing in your genes that allows you to just flit all over the universe and touch everything long enough to gather the necter/nector (?)….. like a humming bird or a butterfly…. :))…….

    1. Being a bit of ‘two minds’ about most things, it becomes an awesome task for me to settle on just ONE thing! The nature of my projects, strewn around my place, is indicative of that…[?]

  3. You ladies don’t stop watching them there star ……you go’ner get star dust in your eye!!!!!! LOL good morning Sue.

  4. Hey RVJOHN…..

    Stardust in the eyes is a good thing! Through stardust it is possible to make sense out of the universe and even life itself!

    Try it, you might like it!

  5. Hi Elizabeth “E2”
    Well I do enjoy the big Dipper and Oroin ………….. does that count? You know I bet that star dust is a good thing ..no matter how one comes by it LOL!!! Curiosity has got the better of me what does the “E2” stand for.

  6. rvjohn…..

    Your comments are pretty cute! 🙂 Well perhaps the Big Dipper, Orion, the little Dipper, etc do count since they are configurations of stars…..

    Actually Astrology is about the movements of planets relative to humanity.

    Stars twinkle and stay in one place….. Planets do not twinkle and they are in orbit around the sun…..

    So when, where, what time is your birthday? I have seen your signature on other forums. LOW & SKP?

    E2…. my nickname. My name is Elizabeth Evelyn. When working for a publisher early in my RV’ng life, the question arose on how to credit my work. He said he used initials. Then he said, yours being two E’s, well, that is just E squared! I told him, “Honey, there is nothing squared about me, so lets just call it Etwo.” Then he agreed saying that he did consider me to be a space case….. end of story….

  7. Elizabeth……….. Sue going to send me your E-mail address if you don’t mind and then I’ll send you my info. I am really hung up on not having a lot of info about me on the internet (not that it keeps it off) but I try to not add too much to it. 🙂

    I am not sure where you could have seem me. I do have a blog (there is a link to me on here (Sue’s blog)) and I have been around with the LoW’s for about 2 years now. I may have posted on the SKP forum a long time ago.

    I like the two E’s that is a neat way of thinking of you!

  8. John….

    Great…. I do not mind at all that you have my edress…. even the spammers have it!

    I will check out your blog too…. Blogs are a new thing to me…. just looking at all possibilities….one of the things I do….

    It is your “rvjohn” I have seen elsewhere…. I too am a LOW member and and SKP since 1986….. FT RV’r since 1984….

    Yeah, my nick name is pretty cool…… some mix it up and call me “ET”… that seems to work well also!

    I look forward to looking at your astrology….. I will share with you….nothing elaborate of course…. may I share the info with SU? I do not do that without your permission….not ever! All your secrets will be safe! This is part of the “code of Astrologers.”

  9. Yes them spammers manage to get all our address!

    “FT RV’r since 1984….”Wow you been at it a spell!

    “may I share the info with SU? ” You may, I will even post it, if it is not to bad LOL!

    Do you have a web site or anything?

    Thanks Elizabeth

  10. JOHN….

    You won’t hear anything “bad” from me….. There may be some “challenging” bits of information that you may not find real comfortable…..What you choose to do with the information is entirely in your hands!

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