I received an article in my email a couple of days ago about the earth changes and shifts of energies that are taking place around the globe. The author mentioned the souls of the Haitians who died in the recent earthquake, giving themselves for the good of the earth as it becomes a new earth.

I had the mental image of Port-au-Prince from the air, with the buildings flattened to rubble.  And I imagined the thousands of souls rising into the air as they left their earthly bodies.  At the same time I was listening to public radio’s “A Prairie Home Companion”, and the song that Garrison Keillor began to sing, “De Blind Man Stood in the Road and Cried”. I began to sob…

You can listen to the song at:

But for the grace of God, I didn’t experience the earthquake the same as those souls. However, since we are all connected, I did experience it, and their trauma.

Because I am here, I am where I am supposed to be, doing what I’m supposed to be doing. I cannot change the world, but I can change myself. And when I am added to others we are able to accomplish things, even perhaps without “being there”.

Thoughts are things. Thoughts are prayers. My thoughts are there.

2 thoughts on “Grace”

  1. I couldn’t fine the link to the song on that page but I just had to see what it was about and find it on utube. Lots of different one; but I liked this old timer best 🙂

    1. Try this link – if you go to the link in the blog you need to scroll down along those entries in red until you get to the one with GK and Chanticleer. The link below is supposedly direct to the song. I tried to embed the song but couldn’t figure it out!

      I checked out the youtube one you sent. It’s REAL different from the one I heard!

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