The Blank Page

I remember when I was a freshman in college, studying architecture.  In my design class one of the first projects was to learn how to hand letter drawings.  I remember the anxiety when faced with that blank page, wondering if my printing skills were up to par.  Sometimes it feels like that when I come here.

It seems too mundane to write “I was here today” and let that be it; yet I don’t have much to report about this day.

After skipping a day of exercises because I felt my body needed that, I did do them today.  And when invited for a walk late this afternoon, I went.  I did need to cut it short because I was hurting too much to go more than about once around the compound.

I spent considerable time counting my pennies and scheduling payments online.  These past of couple of months, and the next couple of months have been the tightest that I can remember for the last five years.  I really don’t like putting so much attention on my budget.  It’s more fun to go out and have some fun!

I did sit outside a while today, with the ice pack on my back, and enjoyed a little sunshine and some of my favorite tea.  I wrote in my journal and imagined myself in another location with less wind and more sunshine.  I’m looking forward to those days.

One of the club members is collecting information about a Sea of Cortez cruise for February 2011.  If I can save the funds, this sounds like a fine outing!  Two stops in Baja California Sur, one of which I’ve been to before; Loreto, a quaint fishing town.  The other stops are along the mainland Mexico coast.  I would enjoy visiting those places.

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