Night-time thoughts

Being a morning person, it feels a little strange, yet appropriate to make my posts at night.  I guess it’s sort of a review of the day, and perhaps a little ‘off-loading’ of the day onto the page, rather than taking it to bed with me.

I finally managed to put some things in order around here.  Well, at least the stacks are organized; I still need to go through them and toss stuff no longer pertinent to my life.  I have a stack of travel ideas, a stack of books I’m reading off and on, with notebooks for making notes; a stack of papers to be filed (man, I hate filing!), and a stack of projects I’ve been thinking about.  Too many stacks!  And sometimes they get jumbled together.  Then I have a mess on my hands.

I wrote in my journal this morning, and in my dream journal as well.  I had a very interesting dream that has caught my attention, and I’ve been mulling it over, off and on, all day.  I even wrote my friend to ask her ‘take’ on it.  We used to be in a dream group together when I lived in Tucson.

I’ve been recording my dreams and working with them for many years.  When I first started I spent quite a bit of time before work each day recording the several dreams I could remember each night.  Finally I asked my “Dream Weaver” to send me only the ‘important’ ones, because it took a long time to write everything down!  Many times before I go to sleep I ask for information about a question I have, or a decision I need to make, or for clarity about something I’ve been thinking about.  Sometimes it takes a while for the information to come, but it always does.

I also showed up today for birthday cake for the January birthdays of club members in the park.  Mmmm – chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream, along with a hot cup of coffee.  Just what the 4:00 p.m. blood sugar drop requires!

Tonight, like some others, I played computer games while listening to the public radio station in Las Cruces.  I especially like the bi-lingual Spanish/English show that’s on between 7:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m.  It’s all Hispanic or Latino music from around the world, and locally.  It’s followed by jazz, which I mostly don’t care for, but listen to sometimes.  If I stay up long enough the classical music comes on at midnight, and I can set my radio’s sleep timer when I go to bed.  Jazz does not lend itself to settling down for a calm sleep!

And that’s where I am now, ready to call it a day, and slip into bed for some peaceful slumber.


Photo:  El Vado Lake State Park, NM, Summer 2009

2 thoughts on “Night-time thoughts”

  1. What is it that is said of “Great Minds”??? Today I too went through several stacks…. There were 3 5 liter wine boxes filled with magazines and papers either clipped or stapled together….

    Some of the papers were copies of information about my musical keyboard. Some about the computer. Some were just copies of a series of emails from interesting people and some even included astrology charts and messages from those people. The oldest date on some of the papers was early 2003. I do not remember many of the people or how they fit into my life.

    I discarded two of the wine boxes stuffed with papers and magazines. I did keep all the astrology, most of the musical keyboard info, and the Smithonian magazines. The remaining wine box is only about 1/4 filled. I do have a stack of assorted papers, notes and mail to include in that box…. I will call it my “In” box and vow to go through it when it is full and discard and save appropriately….

    From 1:30 till 3 p.m. I played some music on my awesome arranger keyboard…. Clyde curls up for a nap in the chair next to the keyboard…and we reach out to touch each other once in awhile….

    This afternoon when Happy Hour rolled around Oprah was on with some interesting guests and I was still sorting…. No cake and ice cream to contend with…..

    The PBS channel is presenting a wonderful show of auditions for the Metropolitan Opera that has my attention although Opera is about my least favorite form of musical presentation….. Listening to young opera singers audition from the beginning of the opera season through the fianls and now I am hearing their dress rehersals before a live audience! The voices are marvelous! Just listening to what these young aspiring singers can do with their voices is so very touching…. I can feel their joy in my innermost being….

    Like you my friend Su, I am about ready for a good night of sleep after a day that I feel has been productive and very satisfying…. Thank you for sharing your day. Maybe sharing mine will add to the joy of yours too.
    Good night, Elizabeth

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