Say Wha-a-a-t?

Recently I subscribed to a feed for The Moderate Voice online magazine, mostly because one of their writers is someone I really enjoy reading.  Today, as I scrolled through the articles, mostly about the Massachusetts election for senator, I found a small article entitled “The Gospel of Christ in a Gun Sight”.  You can read this article here.

Following my nose, and the links to other articles on this subject I found more information about an ABC News report that gun sights being ordered by the U. S. Military for Afghanistan have been ‘encoded’ with New Testament Biblical references.  And following further, I found a slide show of photos showing these references embedded in the gun sights’ manufacturing codes/serial numbers.

Wow, I’m just wondering how humanity got so crazy…And we’re still using the ‘deity’ as our reason for fighting.  So messed up.  I worked as a social worker for many years in various agencies, and saw how dysfunctional families can be.  The problem is, the degree of dysfunction is questionable as it is carried forward in the name of some belief.

It is amazing the extent to which humans will distort propriety and good sense.  First of all, someone in the company that manufactures the product must feel the need to promote a religious belief.  And those who use the product may buy into that because of their own perceptions.  But the military is purchasing this product – did it not know that this ‘code’ was on the gun sight – a sight to enhance the ability to see and kill the enemy?  I read in another place that our service personnel were instructed to not do anything that would inflame the religious ‘passion’ of those they are confronting.

Second, I wonder about how these reports get out.  How did the information come to the first reporter?  Why?  It seems that the news media has morphed into “True Detective”.  And anything goes when it comes to sniffing things out!  Could it be that there is a LOT of smelly stuff out there?

If you are curious, you can read further:



And here

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