Special Memories

Wow, I slept nearly 12 hours last night, and I have to say I felt pretty refreshed.  Glad I went to bed early, although I missed a friend’s phone call.

My usual ‘habit’ when I wake up is to just sit for a while, maybe just staring out the window, just zoning out.  Today as I did that my thoughts went back to the day my daughter was born.  I remembered how I’d prepared the bed so that if my water broke while I was in it, the mattress wouldn’t be ruined.  I thought about how I’d returned all the borrowed maternity clothes the day before.

Something in me ‘knew’ about the nesting thing.  I wasn’t expecting my daughter for another week.  I got up that morning, realizing that I’d ‘spring a leak’ and put a towel between my legs.  My doctor appointment was later that morning.  When he checked me he said I needed to go on to the hospital.  Today was the day.

As I became more aware during this reverie this morning, I remembered…Today IS my daughter’s birthday!  To imagine this beautiful human being transported through me into this world is an awesome thought.  I am honored to be her mother.  And my heart aches when she is not in a good place, like right now, with regard to her financial situation.

It was a struggle before the economic failures in this country, and for those who are self-employed, such as artists, writers, and musicians, things can be very difficult when no one is supporting their expression of life and other jobs are scarce as well.

It’s the mother’s heart that worries for my daughter; yet, it is her life, and her choices, and her faith in the Creator to guide her and support her.  I would not have chosen for her to live as she is doing when I gave birth to her, but she has proven time after time that she is strong, and wise, and committed to herself and her art.  She has grown into a very beautiful woman, inside and out.

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