Went on a ride today with a friend from the Ranch.  A beautiful day, with the sun out.  Still a little cool and windy, but not too bad.

It’s always been fun to just take a road and wonder where it goes, and how it will lead back ‘home’.  When I was in high school I went riding with a friend one day.  We decided to flip a coin every time we came to a place where we had to make a turn.  We ended up quite a way from home.  It was definitely a fun outing.

I also remember walking down the hill to the creek where I lived when I was growing up.  I decided to just walk along the creek, following it, just as it wound its way along to the Potomac River.  I decided that I would not look ahead or jump ahead, but would follow every little curve, one step at a time.

Today I find that that is a memory that has been important to me.  When I think about the path I’m on, it feels like meandering.  Taking this road and that, wondering where it leads, and how it will return me home again.  I would say that generally I do go down the road less traveled.  It is a mystery that takes me there.  And I do love mysteries!

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