When it Rains it Pours

As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve been thinking…

And beyond that I’ve been traveling.  I drove over to Tucson on Sunday to visit with a friend and shop at the Gem and Mineral show that is currently going on.  Until today the weather has been nice.  Warm, a little overcast, but no rain.

Today, though, it rained.  I’d made arrangements for a physical therapy treatment, and got “stretched out”.  Then my friend and I hit the road to bead adventure.  Or so we thought.

We were about three-quarters of the way to the venue when, on wet, slick pavement, we came to a screeching halt.  It was then that we were hit.  The fellow behind us was traveling too fast and ran into us.  And we ran into the next guy, who ran into the next guy.  A four-car pile-up. 

Fortunately there were no major injuries and everyone was able to drive their vehicle away.  My friend’s car sustained the most damage, both front and rear.  The insurance adjustor will be making his assessment tomorrow.

We will be visiting an urgent care place tomorrow as well, to make sure we have not suffered any major injury, although we did sustain some form of whiplash.  The physical therapist gave us some instructions about how to care for our bodies tonight before bed.

One never knows what lies ahead.  As the old joke goes, “What’s that lying the road, a head?


3 thoughts on “When it Rains it Pours”

  1. It is good to have your words! Also is good that you and your friend, and no one else was injured in the 4-car- pile up! Which position in the pile up was your screetching halt? Was the vehicle in front the first to come to an abrupt halt?…… just curious about why there was a need to stop……details, ya know?

    Last night, all night there was rain….and all day today….there are many puddles for the birds and bunnies to have as much water as they want for awhile. Either the rain has stopped or it is snowing now…..

    My rig needs some stuff done….. things need repair and/or replacement. I have contacted the place in ABQ where I bought the rig and hope to hear from them soon. Also will drive up to Roswell to check with the RV place I have done business with….

    Lots to do and get done before you are here for your visit. I am looking forward to that and want to be ready to do whatever!

    My propane heater is just not working…. so I am heating exclusively with the elec. heater and a couple of stove burners…. not good, I know but it is warmer than it would be without them…..

    Sleep well!


  2. Thanks, E2. FYI we were in stop-and-go traffic on a three-lane highway, supposedly marked for 45 mph – slick, wet road. The vehicle in front of us stopped and we were lucky to get stopped in time behind him. Just as we stopped the fellow behind us hit us. Then we hit the vehicle in front of us, and he hit the vehicle in front of him. The “hitter” was cited. Three trucks and an SUV (the one we were in). Am looking forward to getting back home!

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