I had a great time in Tucson visiting with my friend and shopping for goodies to build into beaded accessories.  I am particularly pleased with two purchases that added to make things easier – a battery-powered magnifying light, and a display case.

On two occasions I spent time with a world-famous Seneca Indian beader and furrier, who had the most beautiful beadwork and wirewrapped pieces.  She’s put out a series of 12 books on beading and creating Indian regalia.  Awesome.  And a very nice woman.

I’d never had the chance before to visit so many venues of the Gem and Mineral show.  One that was unique was the African Village where one could purchase many fine African art pieces and very special beads.  I selected only a couple of things from that show, but it will be fun to create something unusual.

Accompanying my friend and I to the African show was a black friend of my friend’s who is also a physical therapist and who has an exercise class for seniors.  I’d attended his class for only a few sessions before leaving Tucson last year.  He is a super guy and offered to help me with some therapy for my legs the next day.  Another awesome thing!  It was after my session of stretching that we were involved in the accident.

The show has whetted my appetite for creating some beautiful and fun things.  I was also pleased that some of the shopping was for a new client who gave me criteria for some necklaces for her.  I look forward to putting the designs together.

“Heaven, I’m in heaven…”  It seemed like that one night when, surrounded by all our toys, we ate the last of some dark chocolate with pecans and had a glass of peach schnapps.  It can’t get much better than that!

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