Moving On

Since returning from the shopping spree in Tucson, I’ve been keeping a low profile, I guess, from blogging.  Other things seem to be filling in the time.

And today I will be leaving my current location and traveling to a site where I will be trying out my solar installation for a few days.  Then I’m heading to eastern New Mexico to meet a friend.  We plan to travel together to Big Bend National Park in west Texas.

I’d planned to leave yesterday, but the agenda was too full to accommodate the final details of packing up and hitching up the trailer.  So it’s today.  And I’ve heard that the weather will be amenable.

I’m realizing that after almost six years of full-time living in the trailer, my aches and pains are catching up with me, so it takes longer to accomplish the tasks related to getting ready to travel.  My back is not crazy about the idea.  I think I’ll be writing about how I notice how much I stand on my head to do things, and therefore, use my back too much.

This little trip will be my experiment in living off the grid and seeing just how much electricity the solar panel generates versus my needs.  I’m a basic camper – the sun comes up, I get up.  The sun goes down, I go to bed…I see it like tent camping, only more comfortable.

Adios, amigos!

A note about the painting:  I painted this for a friend to put into his rig; however, he sold the rig and the new owner didn’t want the painting.  So it’s been returned to me.

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