Shifting Perspective

It was a relief to move out once again from the Deming area, where I was feeling somewhat confined.  After spending a week at Rockhound State Park, and after being held hostage by a winter storm for a couple of days, I managed to make my way over to Lakewood, NM to visit the Escapees RV park and meet my new friend E2, whom I’ve only known online until now.

The trip was somewhat arduous, with a few turnarounds on a new route, and several stops for gas, relief, and food.  The route I took was the 375 loop east of El Paso, over the mountain, and into the “winderness” toward the Guadalupe Mountains.

I stopped for gas near El Paso and again where I saw gas pumps at an outpost.  I had read that the road just west and east of the Guadalupe National Park had no gas – about 80 miles – had no opportunities for fueling up.  At the western outpost I learned that ‘oh, no, we no longer sell gas; we’ve been needing to take the pumps out.  But you can get gas 17 miles east of here, the station is on the right.

Seventeen miles later, the station was very closed.  There was a hitchhiker across the street, and I’m not certain he spoke English.  But when asked, he did indicate that another 13 miles north, in Dell City, there was gas.  I wasn’t totally out of gas, and I had a five gallon gas container that was full.  Still, I wanted to fill up.

So I headed toward Dell City and flagged down a truck driver to once again verify that there was gas down the road.  I guess I was blind because I totally missed the gas station going through town.  At the north end of town I needed to turn around, and managed to pull through a muddy spot.  As I started back through town I heard and saw the ‘splats’ of mud onto the truck and trailer.  After flagging down another truck to inquire where the station was I noticed that one of my rear mud flaps was missing…

After filling up I once again headed toward Carlsbad and the RV park.  There were a few more ‘adventures’ between Dell City and Lakewood; however, they mostly included rough roads and missed turns.  I finally arrived at the park in mid-afternoon, just in time for preparing for the ‘happy social hour’ in The Ranch House.

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