Music, Music, Music

As of today I’m into the third week of boondocking at an Escapees RV park in eastern New Mexico.  I came here to meet and visit with a woman I met online at the suggestion of another Escapee member.  She loves to play her keyboard and she plays gigs in the local nursing homes and other venues when she gets a chance.

We have become great friends, mostly through our mutual interest in astrology, and through our love of cats.  She has a beautiful male kitty named Clyde who is chock full of personality.  So far we have attended two concerts at the Ocotillo Performing Arts Center in Artesia, NM, both of them very fun and full of humor.  I am delighted that Artesia has enough interest in cultural affairs of the community to provide these concerts, especially in these economically challenging times.

In addition to our visitation, she was surprised and pleased to welcome back to the park an Escapee couple who actually reside on their ‘farm’ in Spain, and who visit the U.S. in a van.  They arrived here a few days after I did, and we all got along famously.  “He”, Mike, is a professional musician who plays keyboard.  “She”, Rosie, is his manager and planner, who is also learning to play the banjo, as I am.  We had a grand time comparing notes, so to speak!  The last time Mike and Rosie were here was 10 years ago.

In addition to these activities, I also welcomed another friend to visit with me from elsewhere in New Mexico.  We visited Brantley Lake State Park, the park in Artesia, and the Beach Park in Carlsbad.  We didn’t want to do the tourist thing, so we left out the caverns and other points of interest.  I wish the weather had been more cooperative.

Except for night time lights and computer hookups, boondocking has been very good to me.  At least in this park there is free wi-fi that I can connect to at the club house.  For a while I was using the connection at my friend’s, but as she is having her rig refurbished with a new floor and furniture, there is not as much room to do that as there was at first.

I’m glad to get back to the page after so many days of just thinking about it.  I hope I will have a lot more to write about later.

One thought on “Music, Music, Music”

  1. SU….
    Our time together has been a really great pleasure. It has been wonderful to share our astrological interests, all three of our visitors, and all the music we have shared as well. We need to share a lot more in those celestial realms before you are on your way.

    There has been no refurbishing going on in my rig today due to the cold winds and rain we experienced this morning. Then the electricity was off for about 2 hours in our entire area, including at least the Post Office, the Ranch, and probably the buildings between the Ranch and the P.O.

    Clyde and I have been alone all day in our home on wheels, as a result of no work going on within the rig. It has been a very pleasant day for me, and Clyde too seems very relaxed and content as well.

    Tomorrow is another day that the weather guessers tell us will be warm, sunny, and windless. Clyde will be out in the Casita/music room while work is happening in the rig. You and I will have our trip to Carlsbad and it will be good to have some time to just share with just you….See you in the morning!

    I am glad you have been comfortable in the boondock area…. you missed the shut down electricity this morning!

    Hugs, Elizabeth

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