Three years ago as my then partner lay in a hospital fighting for his life, I joined a spiritual cyber community by the name of Zaadz, which later morphed into the social community of Gaia.  Yesterday I became aware that this community will be shutting down, going off the Internet, at the end of the month.

I have been retrieving my blog materials and photos from the Gaia site to save on my hard drive until I can reorganize and edit those posts.  When I have made some progress, I hope to re-post some of them here, perhaps modified, or not.

While I don’t really consider myself a writer per se, I felt a bit of a panic thinking about the possibility that I could lose all my entries, my thoughts, and ideas that I shared with friends I made through becoming a member of the community.  While there is a contingent of members now present on facebook, facebook is not the most appropriate venue for the deep sharing that took place on Gaia.

Some of the leaders from Gaia have begun new groups to keep the sharing going.  I am very glad for this, and I have subscribed to one of them called Living Metaphysics.  And even though it’s been a while since I’ve contributed any thoughts at Gaia, I hope to continue sharing with this ‘new’ group, and with ‘old’ friends.

Photo – “Wisdom Keeper”

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