“Hitch Itch”

This is a new term I heard today when I mentioned that I was getting the rig ready to roll again tomorrow.  I guess it’s a pretty descriptive adjective for when it’s time to move again.

The storm from yesterday has finally moved on and the weather report looks good for traveling tomorrow ‘in green’ for St. Patty’s day.  Lucky for me that my truck is green, right?

I’ll be heading back toward Deming and the surrounding area to visit friends in the vicinity of the LoW rally that begins next week and runs until the end of the month.  I haven’t signed up for the rally, but perhaps I’ll show up a few times to see whassup.  I also have some bills to pay and more doctor appointments.  Hopefully by the beginning of April I’ll be in a position to make the break from southwestern New Mexico!

This morning I told myself to just accept the current cold north wind and cloudy skies or make myself unhappy all day.  Nothing I could change but my attitude, so I just went on about my plans to shop and fill the gas tank for the trip.  Happily, the clouds dispersed, the wind softened ever so slightly, and I felt uplifted by the sun.

This evening is farewell night as I visit with my friend, and her kitty partner “Clyde”,  savoring the time we’ve spent together getting acquainted.  I look forward to seeing her again in her refurbished rig, with new flooring, new sofa, new fans, and upgraded other things.  It’s fun to see how others make their rigs ‘home’.

‘Adios’ from eastern New Mexico.

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