“Accept that some days you are the pigeon and some days you are the statue.”

This quote came to me through an email today.  It feels particularly relevant, considering some of the experiences I’ve been having lately.

Over the last few months I’ve been involved with someone who I was hoping to travel with, someone who I thought would be a great companion.  Recently, however, the plans have crumbled, as I’ve found that our desires for partnership aren’t really a match.  How I found out is the most painful of all; from my perspective, the pigeon broke an agreement.   So in this instance I’m the statue…very well s__t upon.

So now comes the recovery, and luckily I learned early enough in the planning stages.  I read once that one should risk, and even if royally rolled in the mud, should pick oneself up and start again.  As I explained to the pigeon, my life is shorter every day and I don’t have time to sit around and mope.  So today I’m in a new space, both physically and emotionally, although a little wrung out from the crying.

In my new environment I found the most beautiful flowers, blooming gold all over the hillsides surrounding me.  They give me a very uplifting feeling,and it’s like they say to me, “be happy”.  Although it’s difficult to not go to an emotionally negative place because of the circumstance, I have been practicing being positive, and feeling good.  It’s something that I want to develop into a great habit, and it just doesn’t come all that easily.  Over time, perhaps, it will feel normal to be positive.  I like normal.


One thought on “Accepting”

  1. I heard it said,” Thar’s gold in dem dare hills!” How wonderful that you have found it! Tomorrow you will wake up and the pidgeon and the statue will have disappeared and the poppies will still be there to fill your heart with gold. Love, B

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