On Stage

Shakespeare wrote that “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players: They have their exits and their entrances;”

In my mental ramblings and cogitations, connected with ideas of life being an illusion, I’ve had the following thought.

Some say we all chose what our roles would be once we came to this planet from Eternity, and that we have contracts with each other for our spiritual evolvement.  I sometimes like to imagine that all the experiences I’ve had have been in this grand play, entitled “The Story of My Life”.

In this play I am the star, and each person who has been in my life is a main character, or perhaps a supporting one.  It helps me to see that the role my father played, for example, put me into a certain kind of learning mode.  And although I thought of him as a mean ogre, in the spiritual aspect, he was playing the role we agreed he would play.  So no harm was intended.  From that perspective it is easier to forgive his flaws and the behaviors he had toward me.

Likewise, in the experiences I’ve had recently, I can have a similar perspective.  And my role in another’s life is for the same unfolding of consciousness.  While I can’t say I relish the emotional fallout of all this, I can say ‘thank you’.

I think this is where there is a connection to identifying with the title of Traveling Alchemist.  Originally I selected this as the name of a hypnotherapy practice that used alchemical hypnotherapy as a technique to help others heal from childhood issues.  And since I was planning to travel full-time in an RV I put the ideas together.

Now that I’ve been on the road for nearly six years, it is clearer to me that there is much more involved in this ‘name’.  Alchemy is about transformation.  I find it is about my own as much as it is about others’.

Posted:  Deming, NM

2 thoughts on “On Stage”

  1. “Merely players?” All the threads create the tapestry of life. Not one is merely there by chance. Sorry, William, I don’t agree. And you, my dear friend, are creating a masterpiece of colors, lines and patterns that will blow you away once you stitch the pieces together. Bravo!!!!!!!!!!!!

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