At the Movies

Today members of LoW who are attending the spring rally took a tour of a movie set south of town, near a place called Sunshine.  Several movies and scenes have been filmed in this spot, with authentic architecture and accessories put in place by the ‘proprietor’, “Duke”.  Duke has been in many movies, including as a stunt man for John Wayne.  He has very many interesting stories to tell about his career in films.

Since pictures often speak for themselves, here are a few to give a taste of the place.

And speaking of movies, I have seen two within the last week that I can recommend.  If you liked the little Golden Book story of Alice in Wonderland when you were a kid, you might really like the new film version, with Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter.  I found this film delightful!  On a more serious note, Green Zone, with Matt Damon, is a film that depicts trying to answer the question of intelligence sources regarding Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq, pre-war…See what you think.

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