Spring in Southwest New Mexico

Much like its fall counterpart, spring in this area is very windy, with blowing dust regularly.  Today, for example, is fairly warm with winds gusting up to 60 miles per hour, and haze across the valley from so much dust.  I drove in this weather today to Las Cruces and back for a medical appointment.  Sure am glad I wasn’t towing the trailer!

Yesterday these winds began, and although I wasn’t totally successful in obtaining the photos I wanted of the beautiful poppies that are blessing the Florida mountains, I did get a couple of satisfactory ones.  One of my friends mentioned that in the past eight years she has been here, this is only the second time she has seen the poppies in such glory.  Of course, we received a lot of rain this winter that encouraged the exuberant bloom.  (You may have to click on the photos of the mountains to see their full impact.)

Last year as I traveled to town and back along Country Club Rd. I noticed the most beautiful redbud tree I think I’ve ever seen.  The redbud is one of my very favorite trees, and one that grows in the Virginia woods, where I grew up.  This year, the tree is no exception, so I took the time to take its picture as I passed by.  Glad I had my camera already with me!


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