Achoo! Wheeeez…

Yep!  It’s spring for sure, with the pollen, dust and wind.  And they all conspired this week to keep me indoors with coughing and sputtering.  The last couple of days have been sunny and warm; however, when I tried to sit outside yesterday to read, the wind was just too much.  Today I’m more congested, coughing more, and more unwilling to move very much.  Guess I’ll contact the doctor tomorrow to see if I can get in to get some meds for relief.

Staying inside has given me the opportunity to do some research for places I’d like to see this summer, and activities to be involved in.  I’m looking for music, art, farmers markets, places to relax and rejuvenate, or even volunteer.  I should know within a week whether I will be camp host for a place I’ve applied to.  If that doesn’t pan out, on to other options…

Within a few days my three week stay in my current location will expire.  And my holding tank may not make it another seven days!  So, if not, I’ll move, to somewhere else, yet to be decided.

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