“New” Restaurant – Connie’s Cactus Cafe

While at my doctor’s office yesterday I found a flyer announcing the re-opening of a local restaurant, Connie’s Cactus Cafe.  As I didn’t get out of my appointment until almost lunch time I decided to find this ‘new’ place and try it out.

Well, not being that familiar with the Deming streets, I couldn’t find Cedar St.  So I stopped at the Visitor’s Center and got a map; I told the staff there about the flyer, and they made a copy of it for themselves.  As I was close to Walmart I went there to pick up some vitamin supplements the doctor recommended.  When I left the store I saw that someone was putting flyers for the restaurant on the cars.  I stopped to let her know that I’d picked one up at the doctor’s office and was planning to go there for lunch, but I didn’t know where they were located.  She gave me directions, and I drove straight there.

The restaurant has been open in the community before; however, they’d closed for renovations, with a new kitchen put into service.  The environment is very pleasant, with nice furnishings – a comfortable place to be.  They offer an all-you-can-eat buffet with salad bar, chips and salsa to start, and a sopapilla for desert, for $7.79.  Because I wanted to get the ‘flavor’ of their offerings, I ordered the buffet.  A nice selection of fresh salads – slaw, potato, pasta.  The buffet consists of several fresh-made Mexican foods, with additional fixings for tacos.

The restaurant also has quite a large selection of breakfast items and American and Mexican sandwiches and entrees.  Prices range from around $4 up to $13 or so.  Service was good.  This was only the first public day for the new opening.  Many guests came for lunch while I was there.  I found the food fresh, tasty, and satisfying.

As the LoWs keep a book of local restaurants, I requested a  copy of their menu that I could take back to the Ranch.  I also mentioned that I had a blog and would write up something about the visit.  This information was shared at the daily ‘happy hour’ meeting at the Ranch.

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