Biding Time

I extended my stay at LoW-HI to accommodate an event in Benson, AZ over the coming weekend.  So I’ve been just been piddling around, trying to keep busy, and not working too hard at it.

Activities during this sojourn include reorganizing the stuff in the truck – removing things from the cab and putting them in the bed (of the truck!) ; catching up with bills that need to be paid early in May; planning the route and overnight stays up to Colorado; creating a beautiful necklace that was commissioned by another LoW member; getting the truck serviced for the trip (oil change, tire rotation, checking fluids, etc.); buying ‘special’ supplies for the pantry (things that I might not find up north, like the baked corn tostadas I like); laundry; and a lot of hangin’ around.

I’ve started on a second paperback novel this week, that I think I will finish by the weekend.  I’ve written in my journal and photographed the interior of my rig to send in an email to a friend in Tucson who’s never visited me in it.  I’ve learned that I CAN use my printer with my computer while they’re both plugged into my 150W inverter.

I’ve cooked in the solar oven twice – first, chicken strips; second, baked potatoes.  Yum!  And before I leave I hope to dance at the VFW one more time.  That’ll make three dances in two weeks!  I’ll be looking for a place to dance where I’m going.  Great fun, and exercise.

I’ll be packing things up for travel on Sunday, adding some things that I don’t usually carry with me, like a folding table and Coleman stove.  I missed having the stove with me last summer when I wanted to cook outside.  Making that fresh morning coffee outside while the sun comes up is a treat.  I guess I forgot that I’ll have electric power in Colorado and can use the electric coffee maker!!!  I’ve enjoyed the two-cup percolator I bought in Oregon a couple of years ago – it has served me well during these months of boondocking.

To bide:  from OE bidan – to wait; to continue in a place

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