On My Way

I left Deming today, heading toward Colorado.  It seems that the weather is going to be ‘not nice’ for most of the week, so I’m hanging out at a New Mexico state park about 100 miles from Deming until the weekend, when I can make a safe escape to the north.

I’m very excited about being in Colorado for the summer.  The photo should be a very good clue as to why…

One thought on “On My Way”

  1. Great!

    I remember when I too was working in camp grounds for a place to park. It was always fun no matter where I was and what I was doing.

    One of my favorite summer was as “Trail Head Host”…. There were only trails leading away from the area where people could park their vehicles. Only one brand new pit toilet and a trash can available to hikers &/or riders of horses. There was a gate at the entry….I had the key…. Unlocked it at sunrise and locked it at sunset. My rig was parked in a lovely/cozy space. The Forest Service people brought water to me and I had permission to macerate my black/grey water tanks through a 50 ft. garden hose out to the deep woods.

    One of the wonderful things in that lovely N. AZ area was the blissful silence that existed all night and a great deal of each day. Just melting into the soundless surroundings allowed me to wander/wonder throughout the universe. Being with and in total silence has always been one of my favorite places….

    A second N. AZ campground assignment was totally different. There were people in and out and a great deal of activity. I was able to complete my assignments early and had most of the day and night to myself.

    I went to the nearby Community College to see if I might gain access to the library initially. While there, it occurred to me that I might ask about teaching a class in “Full-Time RV’ing”…… I had been living the life for several years and felt I could keep people busy learning about the life.

    I went to the Dean’s office where I was ushered into the Dean’s office. I asked if there might be an interest in a class on FT RV’ng….. “Yes” he said, “Do you know someone who could teach the class?”…….. Not only did I teach the class all summer, there were about 20-30 students, a few who were “newbie” RV’rs, several “wanna be’s”, a few couples and several singles. We had a great time. I found out how much I knew about RV’g, and I got paid a salary for my efforts!

    The RV lifestyle is probably the greatest adventure of my life…. so far. The more I reach out to possibilities, the greater the rewards.

    I sincerely hope that your experience will be among the best of your life….

    Hugs…… Elizabeth

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