Peaceful Quietude

I am loving it at this location.  I situated the trailer so that I can look out over the water, and toward the mountains from the dinette and living area.  The sun comes up right between the notches in the mountain and shimmers on the water, while shining into my space.  And the last few nights the fullness of the moon brings its light over the water, again shining into my space.  How glorious!

I am feeling very peaceful here.  The wind causes the water to lap at the shore, and it sounds as if I’m at the seashore.  It is so relaxing.

Speaking of relaxing, I took advantage of my proximity to Truth or Consequences and made a reservation yesterday for a late afternoon soak, au natural, in one of the private mineral spring pools at one of the many establishments there.  The pool had a waterfall that was just right for relaxing my shoulders, and I had a great view of the Rio Grande river as well, watching the birds scoop up insects over the water.

I also had an hour-long massage afterward.  It had been a very long time since the last massage, and it felt so good!  And the male massage therapist was easy on the eyes too! All-in-all a wonderful way to welcome sundown, my favorite time of the day.

I drove home a little after dark feeling like a limp dish cloth.  After eating a very light snack I went to bed to relax some more before sleeping.  It was a delight.


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