It Could Have Been Worse!

Wow!  As anyone in southwestern New Mexico knows, the winds were something else yesterday!  Where I am the gusts approached 70 miles per hour.  I think it’s a very good thing that I wasn’t exactly positioned for solar, with the panel facing south.  That would have put me broadside to the wind.  As it was, I had a ‘side-swiping’ wind on the front corner.

As you can see, the wind tried to unfurl the awning.  And it blew the blocks right out from under one of the stabilizers.  I hunkered down all day, staying inside.  Luckily the sun was shining so I could be online.  Actually, the wind was so intense that I couldn’t even open the door to get out.  I was able to crack the door open enough, though, to see what was happening to the awning.

The  trailer rocked and rolled pretty wildly, and the sound of the awning being buffeted made it feel worse than it actually was.  The winds today are supposed to be less intense; however, they began blowing early this morning.  I guess I need to wait until it’s much quieter, and if I can locate some help, I’ll rewind the awning before pulling out over the weekend.  I can do it myself, but it takes me longer than if two people do it.

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