Oh, Beautiful Colorado!

I arrived yesterday at my destination, just south of Pagosa Springs, to camp host for the summer.  It was a long drive, and a long day.  The elevation is 7,070 feet, and I’ve been a little on the shaky side because of that.  I should soon be fine, though.

I’ve been into town twice already.  Yesterday for groceries and propane.  Today to look around and get information about where things are.  On the way to Albuquerque two days ago it was raining.  My windshield wipers decided to do their own thing, no matter what setting I put them on.  So I will be getting the wiper motor repaired or replaced soon.

On the way into town this morning I stopped to take these photos of the San Juan mountains.  Aren’t they glorious?  The other photos are from the RV park where I am staying.  The setting is just beautiful, although the entry into the place is down a steep dirt, rutted road.  I guess I’ll get used to it.  I got the trailer in, but I hope there’s no trouble getting it back out!

When I got here I was met by the welcoming committee, Dakota, Ginger, Trey, and Spot, the four dogs on the place.  They are very friendly.  Ginger especially likes the attention!  I also met one of the cats, the most social one, Katy.  And today I met the three ducks.

I found a great bakery in town and bought some homemade bread.  I stopped at the humane society thrift shop and bought a tension rod for the bathroom that I’ve been looking for for weeks now (none in the stores!)  I bought a bottle of peach schnapps and I also had lunch at one of the town’s restaurants – a chili burger open face hamburger sandwich with green chili sauce, mmmmmm!  Brought half of it home for dinner…

It’s still cold at night, below freezing.  I put water in my tank rather than unhook the hose every night.  And I set the furnace at 55 degrees and put an extra blanket on the bed.  The days have been warm and sunny, sometimes with a cool breeze, and sometimes with gusts that rock the trailer.  I guess it’s a mountain spring time.  I noticed that the trees haven’t started greening up here yet, but soon…

It has been fun having standard electricity again!  I’ve heated a couple of things in the microwave oven, run the furnace, and turned on lights that haven’t been used for two months.  I almost put the frig on ‘gas’ until I remembered I was ‘plugged in’!

So I’m settling in and will be on my own this coming weekend while the owners take a family ‘away’ time for the wife’s birthday.  While I do have internet access, I do not have any cell phone access here.  I will have to drive up to the ‘hill’ or into town to do my personal phoning.  The park office phone is available for local calls, however.

2 thoughts on “Oh, Beautiful Colorado!”

  1. HEY SU! It is good to have your words again! I thought it was about time to see your name on my screen…..

    Your new area looks beautiful! Glad you had a nice welcoming committee…. animals are wonderful friends….It looks like the park is not very crowded tho I suspect that will change and you will have people friends too.

    Do you have any TV? Looks like a dish in a tree in the pic with the buildings???
    I hope you have a great summer and make lots of progress along your path.

    Hugs from Elizabeth

  2. Hey Su,

    Looks like a really nice place you’re at.

    Great to see you this weekend, and see you later in the summer. Love, Vivia

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