Gotta Laugh!

At myself!

I went for a walk this afternoon and met the owner (husband of the team) on my way down the road.  He was apologizing for leaving so early this morning, but his daughter had taken a fall off her horse and had a mild concussion.  He said he’d taken her to school, and that confused me, since it’s Sunday, right?

Wrong!  Today is Monday, and I missed my time for going into town for groceries as I’d planned for early Monday afternoon.  It seems that this place is so good for relaxing that I’ve lost all track of time.  Wow.  I just don’t do that.

I even took a three-hour nap a couple of days ago, and slept a full seven or eight hours that night.  I just don’t do that, either.  Something here is very good for me!!!

Guess I’ll go grocery shopping tomorrow.

Note:  The sign says, ” Experimental Dandelion Farm.  Do Not Disturb Weeds.”  (The entire place is covered with dandelions – good food for the bees and butterflies.)

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