A Word About the Weather

Today is Monday, May 24, and it’s about 7:35 a.m.  It is snowing in this little southern Colorado valley.  Amazing!

On Saturday I drove to Alimosa, CO to visit with a friend and attend her artist reception with a presentation of her newest work.   It was a beautiful sunny day, and I stopped to take photos as I entered Wolf Creek Pass.

The wind was ‘up’ and later became ferocious on the other side of the pass.

As I approached the last 20 miles before Alimosa I drove  through three thick dust ‘storms’ where it was like driving through dense fog.

I’m always amazed at the ‘locals’ who drive like there’s nothing to be concerned about.  The speed limit was 65, and those flexible road signs were bent to the ground.  I was doing 55 mph and other drivers were very eager to get around me.

I later learned, safely arriving in Alimosa, that the highway had been closed, not necessarily for the bad dust storms, but because there had been a bad accident on the road between the little town west of Alimosa and Alimosa. 

2 thoughts on “A Word About the Weather”

  1. Snowing??!!! Brrrrrrrrrrr

    it’s Alamosa. Three a s.

    Will be watching your postings for more exciting updates about the San Luis Valley!

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