Memorial Day – Just Another Holiday?

Tomorrow the week ends and the Memorial Holiday begins.  Thousands across the country will be glad for the extra day off on Monday.  Millions will be licking their chops over barbecued something or other.  Others will be traveling to beloved places, perhaps to visit beloved friends and family.

I think we sometimes – perhaps too often – forget why days have been set aside for remembrance.  The original memorials were remembrances of those soldiers who died during the Civil War.  Here is a link (at the bottom of the page) to a history of Memorial Day as we know it.

This weekend officially marks the beginning of the vacation season as well.  Many folks are headed for distant places, or just staying at home and enjoying…Whatever you are doing, remember…

Remember those who have perished in wars, declared or not.  Remember your ancestors who served and perished, even in the last couple of centuries.  I have done a lot of work on my genealogy, and I am reminded of one of my ancestors who left his home in Iowa, leaving two children behind, to fight in the Civil War.  He died in misery in a hospital ship in Memphis, TN.  His children became orphans and were raised by their aunt and uncle.  The little girl became my great, great grandmother.

Photo by Stephen Bay

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