1,000 Words

These photos tell the story of  “bath time for Midnight”, the 20-year old gelding living where I’m staying.  A couple of days ago Midnight’s owners put Midnight with their recently acquired three-year old gelding Cochise to get them used to pasturing together.  Both horses freaked out, with Midnight chasing Cochise to the point of jumping the enclosure and injuring his leg.

Both horses were upset, and Cochise especially appeared traumatized.  Of course, Midnight is the ‘senior’ horse, so did not like the idea of sharing with this newcomer.  To help ease these horses’ temperaments, the next day Midnight was given special attention.  Just like in the human family, the ladies gave this male special attention – a bath, with shampoo and conditioner, and brushing and combing.  And a treat of cut-up apples.

Yesterday Cochise and Midnight managed to stay within the bounds of their pasture together – at opposite ends, but at least no aggressive behaviors and chasing.

That’s Dakota, an eight-month old female pup getting into the act…like I said all the females!!!  And while I was the photographer, I took my turn brushing Midnight and feeding him the apples.  I’ve loved horses, but have never been around them much.  This is a wonderful experience for me!

2 thoughts on “1,000 Words”

  1. You have no idea how this makes me drool! I LOVE horses and always wanted one of my own…not to be. I had several friends who did and they took me along to ride. I never did get the cute hat and jodphers and boots like they had. In my next life…. :>)

    1. When my children were small we had a music album entitled “In Harmony”, and on that album was the song, “I Want a Horse”. Here are the lyrics: * I Want a Horse*

      I do the dishes, I clean my room, I help my mother I save my nickles, I sometimes babysit my brother My parents said if I do everything They’re gonna let me have a horse next spring

      Maybe he’ll be a dappled gray, maybe a pinto A thoroughbred jumper or a golden palomino And we’ll be famous everywhere we go ‘Cause we will win first prize in all the shows

      I want a horse, my very own horse Can’t wait to see him! He’s gonna be the prettiest horse You won’t believe him! We’re gonna ride, we’re gonna fly People will stare, when we go by, At the prettiest horse

      A horse is a lot to take care of That’s what everybody tells me If you don’t ride them every day, they get so lonely A horse needs a lot of attention You have to brush them every day They have to have shoes and lots of carrots and hay

      We’re gonna ride, we’re gonna fly People will stare, when we go by At the prettiest horse

      I want a horse, my very own horse Can’t wait to see him

      I’ll get good grades I’ll go to bed when I’m supposed to

      I’ll do my chores I’ll rub my bridle and my saddle

      I’ll do the dishes I’ll write my grandmother a letter

      I’ll feed him oats If he gets sick I’ll make him better

      I want a horse He’s gonna be the prettiest ever

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